Hire Machinery


  • Extra capacity with Hungry Boards (9-10 tonne)
  • Even flow of product through spinner zone and discharge area
  • Slat-style feed chain, controlled by a 3-speed gearbox
  • Hydraulically operated twin spinners, with front mounted spinner speed tachometer that can be managed from the tractor cab
  • Spreading widths of up to 30m for granular, 24m for urea, and 12m for lime and gypsum products
  • Roll tarp fitted with long handle for ground operation


  • Harvest your crops worry free.
  • The Land Roller applies uniform weight and surface contact across your paddocks, crushing crop residue, pushing rocks into the ground and leveling out clumps, promoting even germination.
  • Results in a smooth surface providing even germination, faster spraying, robust crops, and a trouble-free harvest.


  • Mulching stubbles is the perfect way of retaining moisture and creating organic matter in the soil also assisting with sowing through trash
  • These machines are a great way of topping pastures, Lucerne and more
  • We do offer mulching on a contract basis with tractor fitted with auto steer
  • Heard’s Hire have 24ft and 35ft Mulchers


  • Our 3PL spreader is ideal for fertiliser and baits
  • Spreading up to widths of 45 metres
  • Holding capacity of 2500lt’s


  • On-farm grain storage
  • Heard’s Hire offers Australian Made K&D Inloaders and Outloaders, made and designed for Australian conditions
  • Large working capacity
  • Bags also available